The Black Sheep – Whitewater WI Fine Food



A lot of things have changed in the last 8 years but nothing like in the last 8 days. Our number one priority right now is the safety and comfort of our guests and staff. As a staff/team we talk a lot about how our purpose is to make people’s lives better. Our slogan of “sharing our love for fine local food” has not wavered, and we think there is more to our mission these days. More than ever we believe people need a break, they need to connect with their food, and they need respite. So we laid out the following plan to help make that happen.

Part one (and I think the most important) is offering free bagged breakfast and lunch for those that are hungry and that don’t have the resources. Starting Wednesday 3/18, every Tuesday through Friday for as long as we can or until the schools reopen, you can come to The Black Sheep between 9:30 am and 10:30 am or between  3:30 pm until 9 pm to receive a meal that you can heat at home or a fruit, cereal, yogurt, and sandwich option. We believe no one should go hungry. Please call or text and let us know one day in advance how many meals you will need the next day and what time you will be arriving. Our number is (262) 613-7119 or send us a Facebook message.

Part two is offering delivery and curbside pick-up of meals for purchase. For delivery, order online, and pay online or over the phone, and we will bring your order to your door. We will knock or ring your doorbell, set your order outside your door, and wait to make sure you get your meal. As part of our commitment to the environment, you can choose between compostable/recyclable to-go containers or real plates and silverware for a deposit and get a refund when you drop them off later or leave them outside at your next delivery. For curbside pickup, order online or over the phone. Once you arrive at the sheep, just give us a call at 262-613-7119, and we can run your food out to your car.

We will also be offering a daily family meal deal that feeds 4 to 5 people at a discounted rate. The family meal deal items will be uploaded to our Facebook page on Tuesday and added to the site for online ordering.

Part three is taking a few tables out of our dining room to space things out and limit our guest headcount. We realize that there may still be business meetings, first dates, and other events that require small gatherings during this time. Limiting the number of guests will ensure that we can safely serve these needs to the best of our ability.

How can you help small businesses like ours? Show us some love, send a message, give a five-star review, tell us you hope we are doing ok (thanks Kristine and Peter for virtually sending my staff a $100 tip each your kindness got me out of a funk).  All of our small business rely on the guest in the business to pay our fixed cost and our employees.

So also please consider…..

Buy a gift card for a friend or to use later. The first 20% of every gift card sold will be given to the staff. 10% now to help with their emergency needs and 10% will go into a zero-interest employee assistance program so employees can borrow money without interest until they can get back on their feet. 80% percent will help us keep up with payroll and the day to day operations of our business. (this should be a double tip for our staff because people usually tip when they purchase their meal.)

Second, buy a pickup or delivery meal for yourself a someone you love. We plan to keep all of our staff working full time and paying them for full time even when revenue is limited. Your pick up and delivery meals will make a big difference in the lives of our team and our small businesses.

As always, we are making sure that our staff are taking responsible precautions and taking care of themselves.  For example, any staff members who have traveled to an area of higher risk are required to immediately self-quarantine and not come into contact with any other staff.  Guest safety is our number one priority.

As always, we are grateful for the community and the people we get to serve. We ask for your patience as our industry is in a rapid state of change. We are working to follow protocol to protect all of those we care about while following our mission of “sharing our love for fine local food”.

With Love,

Chef Tyler and Team