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Thursday, March 19th Aged and Seasoned Steak, Pork and Brines

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Thursday, March 19th Don’t miss trying out a 75-day wet aged ribeye. Our amazing friends over at Sorgs are team teaching our class. See how a standing rib roast is cut for prime rib and ribeyes. Learn the technique of aging those steaks for maximum flavor and tenderness. Watch as a pork side is cut into pork loin and bone-in pork chops. The pork chops then will go in our brine (taste the flavor difference in brine). -Brined pork chop with a cherry beer sauce -Prime Rib -Aged Ribeye and New York Strip

Thursday, March 19th 6:15 Pm at The Black Sheep, 210 W Whitewater Street Whitewater WI