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Wednesday, March 4th: Sushi and Fish

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Learn what type of fish to purchase to make sushi, and how to make and roll out rice. Learn about sushi sauces, ginger, and wasabi, and try a few different rolls. This is a great class for beginning sushi eaters and those who love all the combinations; we will have cooked fish options as well.

Menu: -Everyone will get one piece of Tuna Nigiri sushi -Spicy Tuna Roll (green onion finely chopped, tuna, mayo, chili powder, sriracha sauce, green onion strips) -Chicken Tempura Teriyaki Sauce Roll (strips of tempura chicken, asparagus, topped with avocado and toasted sesame seeds) -Smoked Salmon Roll (cream cheese, cucumber, smoked salmon, salmon skin (optional))  -Shrimp Tempura Roll -Crunchy Salmon Roll(crunchy Tempura crumbs, fresh salmon, avocado and toasted sesame seeds)


Wednesday, March 4th: 6:15 Pm at The Black Sheep, 210 W Whitewater Street Whitewater WI