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Three different types of classes will be offered for 2021, Our traditional live in-person class will be offered at the restaurant on Mondays while we are closed so cooking class participants do not come in contact with other guests in the restaurant. These classes will be a smaller size than in years past and will be held in the main dining room.

Two versions of live Zoom classes will be offered this year. The first option is where we shop for the ingredients and have a box with all the food you need for the virtual class. You would be able to pick up your supplies from the restaurant on Monday between 6:45pm and 8pm or Tuesday Between 2pm and the 6 pm start time.

The other option (You Shop) Classes are where a week before the class we send you a shopping list and you get the items needed for the class. This is a great option for those of you that may not be local. We will always choose options where you can get all the items at any standard grocery store.

Every class starts at 6:15pm. For in person classes feel free to come early and have a drink the doors will be unlocked at 5pm. In person classes are for those 12 years old and older. Any guest under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Due to the nature of buying/preparing the food for every guest ahead, there are no refunds and no weather cancellations.

Guests can also purchases plastic gifts at The Black Sheep.

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